Building Muscle: A Simple Guide for Newbies

It is important to make up your mind what kind of results you are looking for before you start your fitness regime. Once your goals established. You can based on your requirements. And identify what exercise regime that is most suited to your purpose of building muscle.

As a beginner, you may find it overwhelming. You are confused in searching for the ideal workout routine. This simple guide will help you to locate the perfect workout. It ensures you get effective results for your goals of Building Muscle.

1. Establish your Goals

To begin, you must first establish goals. They are easy to meet and be short-term only. For instance, if you look into the mirror. You think you are a little overweight. You would like to shed some pounds plus some muscle tone as your first goal.

Good Rest for Building Muscle

Building Muscle-Newbies

You have to be realistic and work hard in building muscle. You need to make a constant effort in checking your calorie intake to meet your short-term goal. In bodybuilding, especially the beginner should understand. It’s vital to have enough rest after your workout sessions to help the muscle growth.

Don’t get the wrong thinking that you have to train your muscle every day. You may think this will enhance your chance of muscle growth. Unfortunately, this is just the opposite. Not enough rest will hinder your muscle growth. A proper rest day is important for building muscle.

Below are some tips for your workout:-

– Always begin with some basic exercises to enhance your body’s strength. These exercises can include squats, dead lifts and bench presses. The strength gained will allow you to increase your ability. To perform other different workouts.

– Don’t ever begin with heavy weights! You should start with lighter weights. Then increase the weight as you have gained more confidence on your workout.

– Only train within your own capacity. Over train will place unnecessary pressure on your body.

– Be patient, give your body enough time to rest. Soon, you will see the results that you have been looking for.

Good Results Take Time

To have good results in bodybuilding takes time. Don’t expect to have full muscle growth after a few weeks or even months. Those professional bodybuilders on television are having such great results. Because they did hard works for years of training at the gym.

Likewise, you would not be able to find good healthy foods in fast food restaurants. Good things do take time to come by. So, don’t give up until you see the result which you have been hoping for.

2. Record Your Progress

As said, patience is vital with bodybuilding. If you are one of those who is a hard gainer. It’s understandable that you don’t see the results you want. Even if you have done everything correct. This situation has happened to many people at the beginning. You do not see much improvement in term of the volume of your biceps or thighs.

Identify Shortcomings for Improvement

Don’t worry about it and keep on working until you see the results. There are many different elements or factors will affect the result in building muscles. They include proper nutrition, correct training schedule fit for your body. Or possible cause by genetics.

You should use a small notebook to record the progress on your weightings each fortnight. You take photos of the muscles in your body and create workout data reports. Analysis the progress sheet and try to identify what are your shortcomings. They are in future months for improvement.

3. Use effective techniques

Let assume you are working on bench pressing using 10 lbs of weight at the beginning. Then add 2 lbs on top after a fortnight. It is important that you use an appropriate workout technique. You add weights one by one. You complete this transition until you reach the capacity of your body. Instead of just adding the weight to build muscle.

Points to Note When Lifting Weight

Some important points to note when you are lifting the weight. You must have a controlled and even grip on the handle. Then, bring the weight up and down at a slow pace. Your targeted muscles should allow to have enough time to complete contract and expand. You must work on every part of the muscles.

Before the workout, you should always begin with a warm-up. Plus an intake of a pre-workout supplement to enhance your performance.

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