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Muscle Protein: Build Muscle Quickly for Superior Results

612 PROTEIN™ - GAIN LEAN MUSCLE MASSYou can try Muscle Protein supplements to speed up your muscle growth. You are not only reaping faster results. You can maximize your muscle growth potential with protein. It assists your hard worked body to build muscles. This Muscle Protein is great for muscle building, fat loss, muscle repair and maintenance.

612 PROTEIN™ is one of the best Muscle Protein supplements on the market. Most brands contain inferior soy protein. They added many bad chemical ingredients like sugars and fillers which suppose to taste good. But, they do more harms than good to your body. 612 PROTEIN™ can supercharge your workout and improve strength.

Muscle Protein 612 Protein – High quality protein for superior results

What is 612 PROTEIN™?

612 PROTEIN™ contains a developed best blend of high quality protein called Tri-Xen™. Its main purpose is to nutrient your body needs in nourishing your muscle growth. Also, it helps you to achieve and maintain a balance healthy weight. This Tri-Xen™ protein is especially rich in Branched, Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). It can help you gain muscle mass faster and prevent your muscle breakdown. BCAAs refer to three types amino acids (Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine). They are the most important amino acids for building and repairing muscle tissue.

Leucine is the most critical amino acid out of the three proteins. It can stimulate Muscle Protein synthesis on its own. Yet, the best result is to take all three together to provide a synergy of multitude of benefits. They include increased energy during workouts, muscle growth, decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness. And the blunting of cortisol. (a catabolic hormone which increases muscle breakdown and inhibits testosterone). Tri-Xen™ loaded with these essential amino acids. To help you gain and maintain quality lean muscle mass.

Tri-Xen™ contains a massive amount of fast acting protein (26+ grams). It has only 2g of fat and 2g of carbohydrates per serving. It also includes the Fibersol-2® soluble fiber. This makes 612 PROTEIN™ an ideal low carb, low fat, nutritious meal replacement. It will stop your cravings and make you feel fuller. This feeling will last for a longer period of time. Until your next meal. There are two delicious flavours of Strawberry and Chocolate. You can choose it as your nutritious meal replacement.

You add 150ml to 250ml to create your nutritious meal replacement. Depends on how creamy you want. Lesser liquid for thicker shake. Or more liquid for thinner shake. You adjust the amount of milk or water into a shaker per serving of 612 PROTEIN™. Then, shake well before you consume it. It’s recommended that you take it 2 to 3 times daily with a maximum daily dose of 120g. You mix 612 PROTEIN™ with milk or water as your meal replacement shake.

612 PROTEIN™ - High Quality, Nutritious Protein for Superior ResultsWhey Protein Isolate – WPI acts as the sprinter. It is the fastest digesting protein. It targets your muscles for super fast results. It is low in Carbs and Lactose. Also, it is fat free. WPI is the purest form of whey protein you can get with a 90 % level of protein.

Whey Protein Concentrate – WPC acts as the utility player. It absorbed and crammed with more BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) than any other way. It is the most popular sports supplement in the world. It builds muscle size and definition, plus in aiding recovery.

Milk Protein Concentrate – MPC acts as the long distance runner. Or an endurance player in your replacement shake. It provides a steady and slow absorbing, sustained increase in amino acid levels. The hunger busting effects will keep you feeling full longer for up to seven hours!

Fibersol-2® soluble fiber tested and patented prebiotic soluble fiber with healthy flora. It’s shown to counteract the hunger signals from your brain. That in term making you feeling fuller for a longer period of time.

612 PROTEIN™ contains NO MSG. NO Gluten. NO Sucrose. NO Hormones. NO Aspartame. NO Soy Protein and NO High Fructose Corn Syrup.

612 PROTEIN™ – The Best Build Muscle Supplement

The Tri-Xen™ protein in 612 PROTEIN™ has a fast absorbing nature. It is suitable for bodybuilder using it as a pre-workout or a post workout supplement. 612 PROTEIN™ with milk or water is a nutritious meal replacement shake. It is tasty and convenient. If you are an athlete, a bodybuilder or just a gym enthusiast. Then you are likely to need much more Muscle Protein than most people.

612 PROTEIN™ is an ideal supplement. It will help you build quality grade lean muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. Also, it will help you to reach and maintain the ideal body weight. That is what you have been working for. You can use it as a pre-workout or post workout supplement to your training. To enhance the performance of building muscle and aid recovery quicker.​

Bauer Nutrition offers NO FUSS, 60-DAY GUARANTEE. You can buy this amazing protein supplement with confidence. You will see results. It’s backed by a no-risk. No-hassle 60-day money back guarantee! Also, when you buy 612 PROTEIN™. You should take the advantage of the special savings by ordering many packages. And try this high quality protein for superior results RISK-FREE for full 60-days!

Forget about those inferior soy proteins. They packed with bad chemical ingredients, sugars and fillers. Get the best 612 PROTEIN™ with the highest possible quality formula. It helps you to deliver superior results. Remember, If you don’t take action, you would not see results.

Benefits of 612 PROTEIN™:

⇒ Prevent Muscle Breakdown

⇒ Maintain your Lean Body Mass

⇒ Helps you Gain Quality Lean Muscle

⇒ Convenient Nutritious Meal Replacement

⇒ Contains High Protein, Low Carb, Low Fat

⇒ No BAD Chemical Ingredients for your body

⇒ Enhance the Performance of Building Muscle

⇒ Tri-Xen™ protein – Fast Absorbing and Acting

⇒ Helps to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight
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